Indian Geography Part-3

1. What separates Daman and Diu ?
(A)Narmada River
(B)Gulf of Khambat
(C)Gir Hills
(D)Tapti River

2. Amoung the following Union Territories of India which one has the largest size ?
(C)Daman and Diu

3. Which of the following relates to the formation of Himalayas?
(A)Folding of earth crust
(B)Accumulation of loess deposits
(C)Folding of geosyncline
(D)Faulting of earth crust

4. The highest peak in South India is ?
(A)Doda Betta
(D)None of these

5. Duncan Passage is located between?
(A)South and Little Andaman
(B)Little and Great Nicobar
(C)North and Middle Andaman
(D)Middle and South Andaman

6. Mount Everest the highest peak in the world is located in ?

7. Where exactly is Aksai Chin ?
(A)Near Leh
(B)The north-east corner of jammu and Kashmir
(C)Along the Zaskar mountains
(D)South of Siachen Glacier

8. The second highest peak in the world is?

9. Kanchipuram is in which of following states ?
(B)Andhra Pradesh
(C)Tamil Nadu

10.jharkhand does not share boundry with ?
(A)West Bengal
(D)Madhya Pradesh

11. The largest Population of Schedules Tribes is in ?
(A)Himachal Pradesh
(B)Madhya Pradesh
(C)Arunachal Pradesh

12. What is the name of the highest summit of Nilgiri Hills ?

13. Lakshadweep Island are the product of ?
(A)Volcanic activity
(B)wave action
(C)sea floor expansion
(D)reef formation

14. With which of the following countries has India no boundry ?

15. Ten Degree Channel is between ?
(A)Dover and Calais
(B)Alaska and Russia
(C)Little Andaman & Car Nicobar
(D)North korea and South Korea