Practice MCQ on Indian Geography Part-4

1. In which State is the Guru Shikar Peak located ?
(C)Madhya Pradesh

2. In India how many State share the coast line ?

3. The highest peak of the Himalayas in India is in ?
(A)Uttar Pradesh
(D)Himachal Pradesh

4. Zojila Pass connects?
(A)Kashmir & Tibet
(B)Nepal & Tibet
(C)Leh & Kargil
(D)Leh & Snnagar

5. The State with the largest area under waste land is?
(B)Madhya Pradesh
(C)Jammu & Kashmir

6. Kanchipuram is in which of the following State ?
(B)Andhra Pradesh
(C)Tamil Nadu

7. What do you understand by the term Doab?
(A)Where the delta of river begins
(B)Where two or more rivers meet
(C)Land b/w two separate river System
(D)Land b/w two tributaries of a river

8. The Tropic of Cancer passes through ?
(C)Uttar Pradesh

9. Match the following ?

Pass State
A. Zoji La Pass 1. Sikkim
B. Bara Lacha Pass 2. Uttarakhand
C. Jelep La Pass 3. Himachal Pradesh
D. Niti Pass 4. Jammu & Kashmir
(A) A-4,B-1,C-3,D-2
(B) A-2,B-3,C-1,D-4
(C) A-4,B-3,C-1,D-2
(D) A-2,B-1,C-3,D-4

10. Match the following ?
Tribes Area
A. Angamis 1. Meghalaya
B. Todas 2. Tamil Nadu
C. Moplahs 3. Kerala
D. Birhors 4. Nagaland
D. Khasis 4. Madhya Pradesh
(A) A-4,B-2,C-3,D-5,E-1
(B) A-5,B-4,C-3,D-2,E-1
(C) A-4,B-3,C-5,D-1,E-2
(D) A-2,B-5,C-4,D-3,E-1

11. The oldest mountain in India according to geographical history are ?

12. The Konkan Coast stretches b/w ?
(A)Goa & Cochin
(B)Goa & Mumbai
(C)Goa & Daman
(D)Goa & Diu

13. The himalayas are generally divided into three ranges which do not include?
(B)Greater Himalayas
(D)Lesser Himalayas

14. Which of the following gives the correct sequence of hills in the the east west direction ?

15. Most Indians belongs to the group ?