Indian History Part-1 MCQ

1. Mahatma Gandhi was First arrested during 'Satyagrah in Year ?

2. Mahatma Gandhi got his inspiration for civil Disobedience from ?

3. In Which Session of Congress the demand of "Poorna Sawraj" was accepted as the aim of Congress ?

4. The Capital City 'Daydo' Established by Kublai Khan is Situated at ?
(C)Ulan Battor

5. The First Indian Selected For Indian Civil Service was ?
(A)Suerndra Nath Benerji
(B)Sarojini Naidu
(C)Lala Lajpat Rai
(D)C.R Das

6. Who Repersented Indian in the Second Round Table Conference ?
(A)Sucheta Kripalani
(B)Aruna Asaf Ali
(C)Kalpana Joshi
(D)sarojini Naidu

7.The Most Important Text of Vedic Methematics is ?
(A)Satapatha Brahman
(B)Atharva Veda
(C)Sulva Sutras
(D)Chandogya Upanished

8. What was the Ultimate goal of Mahatma Gandhi's Salt Satyagraha ?
(A)Repeal of Salt Satyagraha
(B)Curtailment of Government Power
(C)Economic Relief to common People
(D)Purna Sawraj for Indian

9. Yavanika or Curtain was Interduced in Indian Theatre by Which of the Following ?

10. The Bahmani Kingdom was Founded by ?
(A)Ahmed Shah I
(B)Aluddin Hasan
(C)Mahmud Gavan
(D)Firuz Shah Bahmani

11. The Dilwara Temple at Mount Abu in Rajashthan were built by Followers of ?

12. Who Amoung the following was the first to invade india ?

13. Which Rulers Built Etlora Temples ?

14. Which of the following is in the world heritage list ?
(B)Nalanda ruins
(C)Hampi ruins

15. The Simon Commission was formed to review india ?