Indian History Part-2

16. Who were the first king to issue gold coins in India ?
(A) Mauryas
(B) Indo-Greeks
(C) Guptas
(D) Kushans

17. Where is Brihahdeshwar Temple Situated ?

18. In Which of the Following movement did Mahatma Gandhi make the first use of Hunger Strike as a Weapon ?
(A)Non-Coopration Movement, 1920-22
(B)Rowlatt Satyagraha,1919
(C)Ahmdabad Strike,1918
(D)Bardoli Satyagraha

19. Who led the salt Satyagraha Movement with Gandhi ?
(A)Annie Besant
(B)Mridula Sarabhai
(C)Muthu Lakshmi
(D)Sarojini Naidu

20. Who Started the Saka Era Which is Still used by Government of India ?
(C)Samudra Gupta

21. Which of the following architectural wonders was not constructed in 12th AD ?
(A)Sun-Temple of Konark
(B)Temple of khajuraho
(D)Notre Dame De Paris

22. Who Established MahabaliPuram ?

23. When was first telegraph line started in India ?

24.Select Incorrectly Matched pair of Philospher and there philosophies ?
(A)Shankar Acharya Advaita
(B)Vallabhacharya-Pure Advaita

25. Who Got Constructed "Grand Trunk Road" ?
(A)Shershah Suri
(D)Samudra Gupta

26. During Colonial Period British Capital was mainly invested in?

27. Mohammad-Bin-Tughlak was Proficient in ?

28. The Title 'Indian Napoleon' has been attached to
(A)Chandargupta Maurya

29.The that led to foundation of Muslim Power in India was ?
(A)The First Battle of Tarain
(B)The Second Battle of Tarain
(C)The First Battle of Panipat
(D)The Second Battle of Panipat

30. The Indian Universities were first founded in the time of ?
(B)Warren hastings
(C)Lord Canning
(D)Lord William Bentinck