Practice MCQ on Punjab History Part-5

1.Which of the following are esentially books of rituals ?
(A)The Vedas
(B)The Upanishads
(C)The Aranyakas
(D)The Brahmanas

2.Which of the following is not an important work of kalidasa
(C)Gita Govinda

3.The mother of vardhamana Mahavira was a ?
(A)Lichavi Princess
(B)Maurya Princess
(C)Saka Princess
(D)None of the above

4.Who amoung the following were also known as Tocharians?

5. In jainism, 'perfect knowledge' is referred to as ?

6. Fourth Buddhist Council was held at ?

7. The first metal to be extensively used by the people in india was ?

8. The Gupta king who is known in the Indian legends as Vikramaditya was ?
(A)Chandragupta I
(B)Chandragupta II
(C)Samudragupta I
(D)Samudragupta II

9. Two highest,gods in the Vedic religion were ?
(A)Agni and Savitri
(B)Vishnu and Mitra
(C)Indra and Varuna
(D)Surya and Pushan

10. Meghasthanes was the Ambassador of ?
(A)Selukos Nikator
(D)The Persians

11. The harappan economy was Primarily__________ in nature ?

12. Kalinga was took place in the year ?
(A)263 BC
(B)240 BC
(C)261 BC
(D)232 BC

13.The most important Pahlava ruler was______ ?

14. Who was referred to as Amitraghata by the Greeks ?
(A)Chandragupta Maurya

15. The caves of Ajanta aand Ellora belonged to ?