Punjab History Part-1 MCQ

1.When was the Punjab annexation with the British Rule ?

2. Which river bank is Haridwar situated at
(A)The Bein River
(B)The Jamuna
(C)The Saraswati River
(D)The Ganga River

3.Who is the Governor of Punjab ?
(A)Kaptan Singh Solanki
(B)Butta Singh
(C)Naresh Kumar Sandhu
(D)Prakash Singh Badal

4. Who was Punjab Chief minister in 1956-1964 ?
(A)Surjit Singh Barnala
(B)Darbar Singh
(C)H.K. Brar
(D)Partap Singh Kairon

5. Which of the Following state is located in South of Punjab ?
(A)Jammu & Kashmir
(B)Himachal Pradesh

6. International Hockey Stadium Located at ?

7.When has Punjabi Declared the Official Language of Punjab ?

8. Which one is recognized as state Bird of Punjab ?

9. Which city is the capital for Punjab Before building Chandighar ?

10. Who won the Sahitya Akademi Award For the Punjabi Language in Year 2017 ?
(B)Darshan Buttar
(C)Dr.Jaswinder Singh
(D)Dr. Sawraj Bir

11. Which is the birthplace of Shri Guru Gobind Singh ji?
(A)Patna (Bihar)
(B)Anandpur Sahib
(D)None of the above

12. In which year the Battle of Hydaspes was fought between Alexander and King Porus ?
(A)312 BC
(B)326 BC
(C)356 BC
(D)335 BC

13. In old Punjab , Sun-Temple was situated at

14. What is the total forest area in Punjab ?

15. The Punjab University was Established in ?