Punjab GK Part-2

1.Punjabi Language is considered to be a successor of which language
(A) Hindawi
(B) Urdu
(C) Sauraseni Prakrit
(D) Pali

2. When was SGPC Established in Punjab
(A) 1970
(B) 1920
(C) 1922
(D) 1924

3. Who was Composer of "Asa Di Vaar" ?
(A)Guru Nanak
(B)Guru Angad
(C)Guru Ramdass
(D)Guru Arjan

4. Who Composed the "Japuji Sahib" ?
(A)Guru Nanak
(B)Guru Angad
(C)Guru Ramdass
(D)Guru Arjan

5. Which had been the distinguished industry in Punjab During 16th Century ?
(B)Textile Industry
(C)Animal Husbandry
(D)None of the above

6. Which are the main two difficulties in Writing of the Punjab history ?
(A)Lack of Reliable Sources
(B)Religious fanaticism of Muslim Writers
(C)Indolence of Punjabies
(D)Lack of Reliable Sources and Religious fanaticism of Muslim Writers

7. When was the first battle of Panipat Fought ?
(A)21,April 1524 AD
(B)21,April 1526 AD
(C)26,April 1526 AD
(D)26,Sep 1526 AD

8. How many times did Babur attack Punjab in all ?
(A)Four Times
(B)Five Times
(C)Three Times
(D)Six Times

9. Which one is the Largest City in Punjab in areawise ?

10. Which one is the Largest District by areawise in Punjab ?

11. In Which Year,The Amritsar City was founded?

12. Who is known as Founder of Sikh Empire ?
(A)Maha Singh
(B)Duleep Singh
(C)Kharak Singh
(D)Maharaja Ranjit Singh

13. Income elasticity of demand is defined as the responsiveness of
(A)Quantity demanded to a change in income
(B)Quantity demanded to a change in price
(C)Price to a change in income
(D)Income to change in quantity demanded

14. The Akal Takht was Built by ?
(A)Guru Nank
(B)Guru Arjun Dev
(C)Guru Har Krishan
(D)Guru Hargobind

15. In Which year The Novel 'Pinjar' Written Amrita Pritam was Published First ?