Practice MCQ on Punjab History Part-4

1.Who had been the Successor of Guru Nanak Dev ji ?
(A) Guru Angad Dev ji
(B) Guru Amardass ji
(C) Guru Ram dass ji
(D) None of the above

2. The "Bara Mah" Composition is that of
(A) Guru Arjan Dev ji
(B) Guru Nanak Dev ji
(C) Guru Amardass ji
(D) Baba Bulle Shah ji

3. What Did Guru Nanak Dev ji Preach to Public on his arrival to kartarpur ?
(A)To do Labour Work
(B)To Medidate in Gods name
(C)To Adopt Agriculture
(D)To do Business

4. What did guru nanak dev ji preach to public ?
(A)Earn by sweat and share with others
(B)Observe Starvation
(C)Eat and do nothing
(D)All of the above

5. Which bani is that,where the discussion amoung the yogies from Achal Vatale has been registered ?
(C)Sidh Ghost
(D)None of the above

6.Where did pandit,named kajug use to live ?
(A)Malik Bhago
(C)Jagannath Puri

7. Guru Gobind Singh had sent Baba Banda Bahadur to Punjab ?
(A)To Show of his Strength and Valour
(B)To Crush the enemies of khalsa
(C)To Establish a sikh Empire
(D)To Propagate a Sikh Religion

8. According to Guru Nanak Salvation could be obtained ?
(A)In the service of God
(B)Taking the Brahmans and Mullahs as their guides
(C)In the Fighting for the Country
(D)In Fighting Against Islam

9. The Sikh Guru Who Fought in the Mughal rank during region of Aurangajeb was ?
(A)Teg Bahadur
(B)Har Rai
(C)Amar dass

10. The First martyrdom in sikh history in the reign of jahangir was of ?
(A)Guru Ram Dass ji
(B)Guru Angad Dev Ji
(C)Guru Teg Bahadur
(D)Guru Arjan Dev Ji

11. Which is the holly book of Sikh Religion ?
(A)Bhagwat Geeta
(D)Guru Granth Sahib

12. Sirhind Canal is Connected with River ?

13. First Punjabi Writer To received jnanpith Award(Gyanpeeth Award)
(A)Amrita Pritam
(B)Gurdial Singh
(C)Surjit Paatar
(D)Khushwant Singh

14. Who was Guru of Kabir ?

15. The First Bhakti Movement was organised by ?