Practice MCQ on Punjab History Part-5

1. Who was First IPS Lady of Punjab ?
(A)Ms. Surinder kaur
(B)Bibi Jagir Kaur
(C)Ms. Rajinder Kaur
(D)Ms. Kiran Bedi

2. How Many Boarder State of Punjab

3. What is old name of Punjab ?
(A)sapta Sindhu
(B)Sapta Rishu

4.When Punjab and PAPSU Merged ?

5. Which is the biggest grain market of Punjab ?

6. Which River Separates the Malwa and Doaba Regions ?

7.Which Country has the largest number of Punjabi Speaking People ?

8. Who became Cheif Manister Of Punjab Most number of Times ?
(A)Partap Singh Kairon
(B)Parkash Singh Badal
(C)Shivraj V. Patil
(D)Justice Gurnam Singh

9. Which Fruit is Produced in Highest Quantity in Punjab ?

10. Which is State Tree of Punjab ?

11. Waris Shah, Famous Punjabi Poet is known for the Poetic narration of Which Romantic Story ?
(A)Heer Ranjha
(B)Sassi Punu
(C)Soni Mahiwal
(D)Mirja Sahiban

12. The Relics of Harappan Civilization Period were found from which place of Punjab ?

13. Who Sat on the thron of Lahore Durbar After Death of Maharaja Ranjit Singh ?
(A)Lal Singh Dogra
(B)Kharak Singh
(C)Kashmira Singh
(D)Dalip Singh

14. When did Anglo Sikh War Started ?
(A)December 1845
(B)March 1849
(C)Sep 1857
(D)DEC 1839

15. The Shape of today Punjab is Similar to which of the Following Geomatrical Figures ?